NVidia GTX 1080 8GB MXM (Clevo)


Upgrade your PC with with GTX 1080!

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Cuda Cores2560
Core Clock1556
Boost Clock1733
Memory Bandwidth256-bit

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The GTX 1080 offers reduced power consumption while offering incredible performance. 
You can use this GPU on the selected laptops:

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Product Options
Compatible Stock vBios
OC, Overvolted and Unlocked Bios
[Add CAD$15.00]
Care Package

Deluxe Care Plan - Recommended - Includes everything needed for your GPU/System to perform at it's best posible. Highest quality thermal pads, Backplate and TEP plate and premium thermal grease - (Highest price)

Standard Care Plan - A tuned down version wich doesn't include thermal pads, but will get you a TEP plate or backplate and some premium thermal paste (Average price)

No Care Plan - Not recommended, it might affect your cards performance. You can select single items below if you desire.

Deluxe Care Plan
[Add CAD$65.00]
Standard Care Plan
[Add CAD$30.00]
No Care Plan
Care Items
TEP (Thermal Exchange Plate) or Backplate
[Add CAD$30.00]
Premium Grizzly 1.0mm 8W/m-k Pads
[Add CAD$20.00]
Premium Fujipoly Component Thermal Pads
[Add CAD$15.00]
Heatsink polish
[Add CAD$20.00]
Premium testing
[Add CAD$20.00]